If your pet needs to be referred your own vet will have talked about the process and what to expect, but here are some notes to help make the appointment as useful as possible.

A referral appointment takes around an hour and your pet may need to be admitted for further tests thereafter. Your pet should have an empty stomach (food being withheld for 8 hours and water for 3 hours), but if you are unsure regarding this please contact your normal vet. The appointment will involve many questions about the skin &/or ear disease being investigated as well as your pet’s general health. It is important that your pet is ac- companied by someone who knows about these. It is helpful, but not essential, to make some notes before you attend the appointment regarding the development of the problem and to bring any tablets, shampoos or other treatments with you in case of a query. Your vet will provide a written history describing the veterinary aspects
of the case and this may be faxed, posted or emailed, or you may be asked to bring it with you at the time of the appointment.

Please note that for allergy testing, and a wide variety of haematological, biochemical and hormonal tests, steroids (including injections, tablets, creams and ear treatments) as well as antihistamines may need to be withdrawn for up to 6 weeks. However, please do not stop any treatments without speaking to your normal vet.

Dermatology Referrals and Consultancy

Dr Stephen Shaw
RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology